About Us

We are a Team Geared Toward Helping Property Developers Around The World To Get Faster To The Potential Buyers Through our Targeted Intensive Advertisement

Our head office is located in Israel and we are also in Cyprus; we are associated with European property developers and other property developers around the world.

We market and manage their properties for them; we are selling and marketing in the real estate, PROPERTIES space.

We have flats, villas, units for hotel and mansions.

We also rent the properties for our clients; we manage the properties purchased, render all the services including cleaning, maintaining, recruiting workers and help our clients to employ workers when we have a great deal of business like buying a hotel or a lot of unit.

Also, any of our businesses can be done remotely.


Whoever invests in our company enjoys the following benefits:

  • Entitled to apply for resident permit- If you invest €300,000 on property or stocks, in unit, hotel units, apartment for rent or in hotel. You will be entitled to apply for permanent residence in Cyprus which takes place within two months.                 
  • Within two months, the buyer and the wife, all their children, and the  parent of the buyer, parent of spouse (for instance, if they have four children between the age of 15-25, though there are arrangements if the children are above that age) WILL ALL BE GIVEN PERMANENT RESIDENCE WITHIN TWO MONTHS
  • It is stress free, all can be done remotely. We have the backing of the government of Cyprus . So your fund is safe. Immediately, you will be given a form for immigration permit so as to travel down to Cyprus. Once you are in Cyprus, your permanent residence will be processed. You will get the receipt even before you travel down. 

Even with €200,000, you can still get your immigration permit to Cyprus, then you can balance up the remaining €100,000.

So it’s very easy.

You can also invest  by buying a house while we rent it out for you, we maintain the house with all the services from our company.

You will be getting your returns as agreed.

You can invest 150,000 Euros for property, 135,000 Euros for rent. You can buy two bedroom apartment or one bedroom apartment.

We can do everything for you. You will get your rent as agreed; every three months, six months, yearly, etc. 

Furthermore, before any business deal or property can be sold to anyone, you have to provide police clearance that shows that you are not a criminal.

Secondly, we have to know what you do for a living.

Also, the money has to be transferred in your name from your bank to the bank of the property developer.

There is room for installment payment. This is done so that it will be easy for you to pay up.

Once you reach a certain level, everything is done according to stages but the permanent residence is guaranteed in two months.

The only thing that can delay your process is if you did not fill the form correctly as required of you, that is why we will assist in all the process while you provide all the documents; name, passport and every other thing required of you including payment and in two months, you are in Cyprus!

If you are interested in investing in property, we have properties from €135,000  and above. Please note that if you invest less than €300.000, you cannot get a permanent residence but when you have investment of 300,000 Euros, you qualify. 

Furthermore, if you are interested in buying a house, we have houses in Greece for permanent residence also. Therefore, everything with us is very simple.

Most of our businesses are remote because we are a people of integrity and honesty. No iota of deceit. The money you will send to the bank is traceable, you can question where your money is going, you can also check Cyprus embassy for your verification. 

In short, there are a lot of investment opportunities. You can invest in pension; buy a house; gradually, we will teach YOU how to do business.

Also, we can divide the property for you, so instead of buying a whole of €300,000, we can make it a house, one bedroom apartment and a business, like office, etc. There are a lot of opportunities that are just a call away and we will open you up to those opportunities.

With your permanent residence you will get access to twenty-seven European routes. You can live wherever you want in Europe; you will be free. 

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